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Other Services

Loft Clearances

Rodents such as rats and mice leave their droppings and urine everywhere they go, contaminating surfaces and spreading disease.

To combat this issue, we can carry out the removal of all insulation and contaminated items.

Once the area has been disinfected with a biocidal spray, we can then relay new insulation leaving the area clean and fresh.

Carcass Removal Service

We will remove any deceased animals from your property, no matter the size.

It is unhygienic for you to do yourself, and can also be extremely distressing, even more so if it is a pet.

Instead of having to deal with the task of removal, it is more convenient, and safer, to use our service.

Not only will we remove the animal but we will also disinfect and deodorise the area.


De-Pest have extensive experience in the repair of property damaged by the impact of water, from extreme events, to the slow, insidious but no less serious damage of damp penetration. Our services include the following:- Flood Repairs Monitored drying of sub-floor timbers to prevent future decay Stuctural waterproofing :- Membrane, Cementitious & Resin tanking systems.

Running water drainage systems utilising sumps and pumps

Salt inhibition & lining of damp masonry including cob

Damp proofing Diagnosis & Rectification of dampness problems

Calcium carbide testing, plaster, render & masonry analysis.

Specialist salt retardant plastering

Condensation consultancy

Fungal decay treatments and timber replacements


De-Pest have a comprehensive range of specialised services in the repair and protection of building structures including but not limited to:-.

Boracol eco-friendly conservation of timbers to listed properties

Biocide oversite treatments sterilising harmful foul water bacteria

Managed replacement/redecoration in conjunction with loss adjuster

Wall stabilisation Crack stitching using stainless steel rods & epoxy resin

Installation of lateral restraints

Joist stabilisation
Timber preservation Identification & treatment of all
wood boring insects

The majority of treatment work guaranteed for 30 years. Extended guarantee protection is also available.
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