However your building's damage, we've got it covered!

At DE-PEST quality restoration is not just a is a daily practice. Drawing from a highly skilled, multidisciplinary team, we pull out all the stops to make sure that every repair contract, whatever its size, gets the same rigorous attention to detail.
With an international client base, we have found that 'out'-servicing our competitors, even at the expense of short-term profit, brings our customers back again and again.
Once you have used us, you will never use anyone else!


DePest's comprehensive range of
property maintenance services
Damp proofing, Timber preservation,
Flood Repairs, Wall stabilisation
Remedial wall ties.


From humid swimming pools, sea blown Golf Clubhouses, to the scorching dry heat of the desert,
De-Pest have injected and restored the structural integrity of ravaged laminated and solid timber beams.


If its pestering you, we identify it and eradicate it! Vermin, Birds, Insects, all bases covered!
Having eliminated the problem we then take steps to stop it coming back with comprehensive pest and bird proof systems.
Contracts and Surveys undertaken.